Paperless Towels

Made with 100% natural birdseye cotton. We're pleased to make these with the most absorbent natural fabric we've found.

Cotton Rounds

A fun alternative to disposable cotton rounds. Six unique fabrics in each set. Available in a variety of backings, including: terry cloth, white flannel and black flannel.

Snack & Sandwich Bags

Made with food-grade lining and machine washable - a sensible alternative to Ziplocs.

Feminine Pads & Liners

Made with 100% cotton flannel plus absorbent lining. Growing in popularity, these are far more comfortable than their disposable counterparts.

Dish Towels

Made with two layers of our popular birdseye cotton. These are a customer favorite for their absorbency and classic design.

Gift Sets

These popular gifts sets are matching face cloths and facial rounds. They're great for holidays, birthdays and special occassions.

Face Cloths

Colorful cotton prints with two layers of our birdseye backing. Add a light exfoliating touch to your facial routine.

Mesh Bags

100% unbleached cotton laundry bags - great for keeping track of cotton rounds in the wash!

Food Wraps

A wrap and a mat all in one. Wrap, tie, and go!

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